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Hello friends Welcome to my blog . In this post I share important 30+ odisha gk questions answers, gk about odisha which helps in your competative exams like opsc, odisha state govt. jobs, ssc, odisha ri amine examination, junior clerk, and others exams. Hope this article hepls you . 

Q.1).Who was felicitated as “Bhumi Putra” by the Indonesian government?
[A] Biju Pattanaik
[B] Gopabandhu Das
[C] Gopabandhu Choudhury
[D] Naveen Pattanaik

Correct Answer: A [Biju Pattanaik]

2).What is the rank of Odisha in terms of area and population-wise among all states of India?
[A] 6th & 12th
[B] 9th & 11th
[C] 9th & 13th
[D] 6th & 11th
Correct Answer: B [9th & 11th]

3).The capital city of Odisha Bhubaneswar situated in which district?
[A] Deogarh
[B] Koraput
[C] Khordha
[D] Balasore

Correct Answer: C [Khordha]

4).Which city is situated between Mahanadi and its arm Kathajodi river?
[A] Cuttack
[B] Rourkela
[C] Bhadrak
[D] Sambalpur
Correct Answer: A [Cuttack]

5).What is the main objective of Pani Panchayat in Odisha?
[A] Optimum utilization of water as well as improving agricultural production
[B] Maintenance of irrigation tank
[C] Implementation of new river valley project
[D] None of the above

Correct Answer: A [Optimum utilization of water as well as improving agricultural production]

6).Simlipal National Park was included in the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserver in which year?
[A] 2002
[B] 2004
[C] 2007
[D] 2009

Correct Answer: D [2009]

7)Simlipal National park is in which district ?
[A] Koraput
[B] Sundergarh
[C] Mayurbhanj
[D] Kalahandi
Answer: [C] Mayurbhanj

8)Which city of odisha is known as  temple City of India ?
A. Sonepur
B. Bhubaneswar
C. Cuttack
D. Puri
Answer: B. Bhubaneswar

9)The famous Raja Rani temple is  which in which place of odisha ?
A. Bhadrak
B. Cuttack
C. Bhubaneswar
D. Sambalpur
Answer: C. Bhubaneswar

10.) Which is the largest river of Odisha ?
A. Rusikulya
B. Baitarani
C. Mahanadi
D. Kathajodi
Answer: C. Mahanadi

11)From which district were new districts Nabarangpur, Rayagada
and Malkangin Carved out.
(A) Koraput
(B) Phulbani
(C) Balangir
(d) Sambalpur
Ans. (A) Koraput

12)How many districts were not disturbed while creating new
(A) 4
(B) 3 (C) 8
(D) 6
Ans. (B) 3.

13)Which district of Orissa has the largest population.
(A) Nabarangpur
(B) Ganjam
(C) Boudh
(D) Bolangir
Ans. (B) Ganjam

14)Which district of Orissa has lowest population.
(A) Deogarh (B) Koraput
(C) Nuapada (D) Samablpur
Ans. (A) Deogarh.

15)What is the length of coast line of Orissa.
(A) 500km
(B) 466km
(C) 503km
(D) 482km
Ans. (D) 482km

16)Name the largest river of Orissa
(A) Brahmani
(B) Mahanadi
(C) Sileru
(D) Kolab
Ans. (B) Mahanadi.

17)On the bank of which river is Cuttack town situated
(A) Mahanadi
(B) Rusikulaya
(C) Nagavali
(N) Indravati
Ans. (A) Mahanadi.

18)During beginning of British rule how many were there districts
in Orissa commissionery
(A) 8
(B) 6
(C) 5
(D) 3
Ans. (D) 3

19)In 1912 under British rule how many were there districts in
Orissa commissionery
(A) 2
(B) 5
(C) 6
(D) 8
Ans. (B) 5.

20).Which city is also known as silver City of odisha ?
A. Bhubaneswar
B. Brahmapur
C. Sambalpur
D. Cuttack
Answer: D. Cuttack

21). which is the largest lake of odisha ?
A. Anshupa
B. Chilika
C. Bindusagar
D. Ganagasagar
Answer:  B. Chilika lake

22).Name of Orissa is based on name of which tribe
(A) Utakl
(B) Odra
(C) Orikit
(D) Orikat
Ans. (B) Odra.

23).Name the river situated in most northerly part of Orissa
(A) Budha balanga (B) Mahanadi
(C) Subarnarekha (D) Baitarani
Ans. (C) Subarnarekha.

24.)When was Orissa formed as a separate state
(A) 1936
(B) 1947
(C) 1911
(D) 1919
Ans. (A) 1936

25.)Which state is situated west of Orissa
(A) Chhatisgarh (B) Madhyapradesh
(C) West Bengal (D) Bihar
Ans. (A) Chhatisgarh

26.)Which river does serve as demarcation line separating
Chatisgarh from south west Orissa
(A) Mahanadi
(B) Sileru
(C) Sabari
(D) Baitarani
Ans. (C) Sabari

27.)Which state is situated north of Orissa
(A) Jharkhand
(B) Bihar
(C) Madhyapradesh (D) Utter Pradesh
Ans. (A) Jharkhand

28.)Which state is situated south east of Orissa
(A) Bihar
(B) Andhrapradesh
(C) Karnataka
(D) Tamilnadu
Ans. (B) Andhra pradesh

29.)Which river does serve as boundry between south Orissa and
(A) Sileru
(B) Vasundhara
(C) Nagavali
(D) Rusikulya
Ans. (A) Sileru

30.)Which is the highest mountain of Orissa
(A) Deomali (B) Tuniakonda
(C) Gandhamardan(D) Baflimal
Ans. (A) Deomali


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