Current affairs 10 April 2021 || current affairs questions answers 10 April 2021 || current affairs questions


Current affairs 10 April 2021 || current affairs questions answers

Current affairs 10 April 2021 || current affairs questions answers

Q.1) 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup will be held in 

which two countries?

A.Spain and France 

B.Australia and New Zealand

C.Argentina and Brazil 

D.Italy and France

Ans:B.Australia and New Zealand

Q.2) The World Bank and AIIB have approved a loan of 

USD 300 million for canal-based drinking water projects 

in which state?

a. Nagaland

b. Haryana

c. Punjab

d. Odisha

Ans:c. Punjab

Q.3) Recently, Lieutenant General Manjinder Singh has 

11. taken over as the Chief of Staff, Western Command. 

12. Where is HQs of Western Command located?






Q.4) Recently, RBI has Increased the Balance of 

15. Payments Bank upto ?

16. a. 1 Lakh

17. b. 2 Lakh

18. c. 3 Lakh

19. d. 4 Lakh

Ans:b. 2 Lakh

Q.5) TRIFED under the Ministry of Tribal Affairs has launched “Sankalp se Siddhi” - Village and Digital Connect Drive for 100 Days. Who is Our Tribal Affairs Minister?

a. Mukhtar Abbas

b. Arjun Munda

c. Chitan Vaishnav

d. RS Sharma

Ans:b.Arjun Munda

Q.6)  Who is the author of the book “  Agriculture  in India: Contemporary  Challenges ”?  

a. Mohan Kanda 

Tarun bajaj 

Nv Ramana 

Shabir Khandwawala

Ans:Mohan Kanda 

Q.7) Businesses with turnover of more than 5 Crore 

amount will have to furnish six-digit HSN or tariff code 

on the invoices? What is the Full Form of HSN?

a. Harmonised System of Nomenclature Code

b. Harmonised Structural Number

c. Harmonised Systematic Numbering

d. Harmonised Special Number

Ans:a. Harmonised System of Nomenclature Code

Q.8) Which state government has  launched a unique gift scheme to promote covid vaccination  in  the state ?

 a. Odisha 


 c.Uttar Pradesh 

 d. Assam

Answer: d.Assam

Q.9)  Who has been appointed as WHO Special Envoy for 

the Access to COVID-19 Tools Accelerator (ACT￾Accelerator)?

a. Carl Bildt

b. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

c. Andrew Witty

d. Anil Soni

Ans: a. Carl Bildt

Q.10) Atal Innovation Mission and NITI Aayog have 

launched which initiative to promote and support 

science-based deep-tech startups & ventures across 







Q.11) As Informed by Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, with 

12. which speed highways were constructed in the country 

in the financial year 2020-21?

 A.37 km per day

 B.40 km per day

 C.56 km per day

 D.29 km per day

Answer:A.37 km per day

Q.12) The Defence Organisation Research  and Development (DRDO )  has  developed  which  technology to safeguard  naval  ships  against  missile  attacks? 

A.Imaging Infra-red technology

B.Advanced Chaff  Technology C.RRFF  Technology 

D.None of the  above

Ans:B.Advanced Chaff  Technology

Q.13) IMF revises GDP growth forecast of India to 

12.5% for FY22. Who is the Director General of IMF?

a. Masatsugu Akasawa

b. Jin Liquin

c. Krystillina Geogerevia

d. David Malpass

Ans: c. Krystillina Geogerevia

Q.14) Eduard Heger has been appointed as the new 

Prime Minister of which country?






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