24 April current affairs questions [MCQ] | current affairs questions answers 24 April 2021

Current Affairs 24 April 2021 in English. This blog contains important Current Affairs Questions Answers which is most important for competitive exam like SSC, CHSL, CGL, RAILWAY ,RRB , BANK PO, GDS, and for all others competative exams 

24 April 2021 Current Affairs

24 April current affairs questions [MCQ] | current affairs questions answers 24 April 2021

Q.1) Which state has announced “Swasthya Suraksha Saptah“?
(1) Jharkhand
(2) Maharashtra
(3) Manipur
(4) West Bengal
Correct Answer – (1) Jharkhand

Q.2) India’s 1st WBC Professional boxing competition will be held on which state?
(1) Punjab
(2) Haryana
(3) Kerala
(4) Gujarat

Correct Answer – (1) Punjab

Q.3) Who became the 68th Grandmaster of India?
(1) D. Gukesh
(2) Leon Mendonca
(3) V. Anand
(4) Arjun Kaalyan

Correct Answer – (4) Arjun Kaalyan

Q.4) What is the theme of “2021 International Mother Earth Day“?
(1) Our Turn to Lead
(2) Call For Climate
(3) Restore Our Earth
(4) Earth and feature

Correct Answer – (3) Restore Our Earth

Q.5) Who has become the 1st Indian woman to scale Mt Annapurna?
(1) Sukirti Singh
(2) Priyanka Mohite
(3) Sheela Sharma
(4) Anshu Dubey

Correct Answer – (2) Priyanka Mohite

Q.6) India’s first oxygen express train started from which city?
(1) New Delhi
(2) Mumbai
(3) Kolkata
(4) Pune
Correct Answer – (2) Mumbai

Q.7) Which state has launched “YSR Zero Interest Crop Loan Scheme“?
(1) Karnataka
(2) Tamil Nadu
(3) Kerala
(4) Andhra Pradesh

Correct Answer – (4) Andhra Pradesh

Q.8) Australia announced how much grant under “Indo-Pacific Oceans Initiative Partnership“?
(1) ₹8.12 crore
(2) ₹9.22 crore
(3) ₹10.50 crore
(4) ₹12.67 crore
Correct Answer – (1) ₹8.12 crore

Q.9) Central Government has waived off the import duty on which drug?
(1) Remdesivir
(2) Sputnik-V
(3) Covaxin
(4) Covishield
Correct Answer – (1) Remdesivir

Q.10) Centre extend the insurance scheme for Health workers for how many months?
(1) 3 months
(2) 6 months
(3) 12 months
(4) 18 months

Correct Answer – (3) 12 months

Q.11. When has World Earth Day been celebrated recently?
Ans. 22 April

Q.12. Which country will launch Luna 25 mission by October 2021?
Ans. Russia

Q.13. A water sports and adventure institute has been inaugurated on the banks of which lake in Uttarakhand?
Ans. Tehri Lake

Q.14. Ahmed Hussain has died in which sport he was related to?
Ans. Football

Q.15. Vivek has died in which language he was a famous actor?
Ans. Tamil

Q.16. Who has inaugurated the first online exhibition on Ramayana?
Ans. Prahlada Singh Patel

Q.17. Which bank has launched Pay by Bank app in association with MasterCard?
Ans. RBL Bank

Q.18. Who has Tata Consumer Products appointed as its chairman?
Ans. Deepika Bhan

Q.19. Which country's Prime Minister has canceled his visit to India?
Ans. Britain

Q.20. Which company co-founder and PDF developer Charles Geschke has passed away?
Ans. Adobe

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