16 April 2021 current affairs questions | current affairs questions answers 16 April 2021

16 April 2021 Current Affairs | current affairs questions answers MCQ 16 April 2021

Current Affairs 16th April 2021 in English.  This blog contains 20 important Current Affairs Questions Answers  which is  most important for competitive exam like SSC, CHSL, CGL, RAILWAY ,RRB , BANK PO, GDS, and  for all others competative exams 

Current affairs 16 April 2021 || current affairs questions answers

Q.1) Which state/UT become the 1st to declared Tuberculosis Free?
(1) Ladakh
(2) Puducherry
(3) Manipur
(4) Lakshadweep

Correct Answer – (4) Lakshadweep

Q.2) Who has become the 1st player to hit 350 sixes in the IPL?
(1) Chris Gayle
(2) AB de Villiers
(3) Virat Kohli
(4) Rohit Sharma

Correct Answer – (1) Chris Gayle

Q.3) Recently, The ‘Lost Golden City of Luxor’ has been discovered in which country?
(1) Egypt
(2) India
(3) Maldives
(4) China
Correct Answer – (1) Egypt

Q.4) Which version of the “Raisina Dialogue” has been inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi?
(1) 2nd Edition
(2) 3rd Edition
(3) 4th Edition
(4) 6th Edition

Correct Answer – (4) 6th Edition

Q.5) India has recorded how much percent Ethanol-blending in petrol for the 1st time?
(1) 7.1 %
(2) 7.2 %
(3) 7.3 %
(4) 7.4 %

Correct Answer – (2) 7.2 %

Q.6) Which Union Minister has launched DGFT ‘Trade Facilitation‘ mobile app?
(1) Narendra Modi
(2) Piyush Goyal
(3) Amit Shah
(4) Nitin Gadkari

Correct Answer – (2) Piyush Goyal

Q.7) Who become the youngest Indian female Wrestler to qualify for Olympics?
(1) Nethra Kuman
(2) Bhavani Devi
(3) Sonam Malik
(4) Achanta Kamal

Correct Answer – (3) Sonam Malik

Q.8) Which Indian company has bagged Saudi Arabia’s Largest Solar Power project?

(1) Reliance Infra

(2) L&T Construction

(3) Adani Renewables

(4) Greentech Infra

Correct Answer – (2) L&T Construction

Q.9) Which Union Minister has launched ‘e-SANTA’ web portal for Aqua Farmers?

(1) Piyush Goyal

(2) Harsh Vardhan

(3) Pralhad Joshi

(4) Giriraj Singh

Correct Answer – (1) Piyush Goyal

Q.10. Who became the first company to cross the billion transaction on UPI?
Ans. Phone pay

Q.11. Which state's Chief Minister has launched a unique gift scheme to promote Covid vaccination?
Ans. Uttar Pradesh

Q.12. Who has Digit Insurance appointed as its brand ambassador?
Ans. Virat Kohli

Q.13. Which country's Nobel laureate Isamu Akasaki has died?
Ans. Japan

Q.14. Manohar Parrikar: Who has written a book called Brilliant Mind, Simple Life?
Ans. Nitin Gokhale

Q.15. Which company has shut down its smartphone business?
Ans. LG

Q.16. Who inaugurated the five-day 'Tulip Festival'
Have done
Ans. Manoj Sinha

Q.17.  Which state's home minister after allegations of corruption
has resigned ?
Ans. Maharashtra

Q.18.  Recently the foreign minister of which country Sergey Lovrov has been on a two-day visit to India?
Ans. Russia

Q.19.  Which IIT has developed a touch sensitive watch for the visually impaired?
Ans. IIT Kanpur

Q.20) Which country has opened the 5G signal base at the World’s Highest Radar Site?

(1) Japan

(2) America

(3) China

(4) Australia

Correct Answer – (3) China

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