15 April 2021 Current Affairs | current affairs questions answers MCQ 15 April 2021

15 April 2021 Current Affairs | current affairs questions answers MCQ 15 April 2021

15 April 2021 Current Affairs
Current affairs 15 April 2021

Q.1) Who has been appointed as the Chief Election Commissioner?
(1) Sanji Verma
(2) Sushil Chandra
(3) Sandeep Mehta
(4) Sanjay Mathur

Correct Answer – (2) Sushil Chandra

Q.2) What is India’s estimated GDP growth rate in FY22 as per ‘Nomura‘?
(1) 6.9%
(2) 11%
(3) 12%
(4) 12.6%

Correct Answer – (4) 12.6%

Q.3) Which has become the 3rd COVID-19 vaccine to receive Emergency use approval in India?
(1) Sputnik V
(2) Novavax
(3) Moderna
(4) Pfizer

Correct Answer – (1) Sputnik V

Q.4) ‘Aahaar Kranti‘ mission has been launched by which Union Minister?
(1) Harsh Vardhan
(2) Piyush Goyal
(3) Pralhad Joshi
(4) Narendra Modi

Correct Answer – (1) Harsh Vardhan

Q.5) Which payments bank has launched their new ‘Rewards123‘ savings account?
(1) Airtel Payments Bank
(2) Paytm Payments Bank
(3) Fino Payments Bank
(4) India Post Payments Bank

Correct Answer – (1) Airtel Payments Bank

Q.6) Which Indian-origin businessman was honored with Top Civilian Award in UAE?
(1) Irfan Alam
(2) Gulrez Alam
(3) Yusuff Ali
(4) Jawed Habib

Correct Answer – (3) Yusuff Ali

Q.7 Which state government has launched a 14-day mask campaign?
Ans. Odisha

Q.8. Who has become the fastest vaccinating country in the world?
Ans. India

Q.9. Who has been appointed as the new Revenue Secretary?
Ans. Tarun Bajaj

Q.10. Who has topped the ongoing World University Rankings 2020?
Ans. Harvard University

Q.11. Who has been given the 'Devishankar Awasthi Award 2020'?
Ans. Ashutosh Bhardwaj

Q.12. 'Josa Usmani' has been elected as the President of which country?
Ans. Kosovo

Q.13. In which country will the Sanskrit teaching app 'Little Guru' be launched recently?
Ans. Bangladesh

Q.14. Who wrote the book 'Nilimarani-My Mother My Hero'
Ans. Dr. Achyut Samanta

Q.15. By what percentage has the number of one-horned rhinoceros increased in Nepal in the last five years?
Ans. 16.5%

Q.16. India has tied up with which country for academic and research cooperation?
Ans. Japan

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